White Chicken Chili

A few years ago a friend of mine’s husband introduced me to a magical recipe secret called Taco Chicken. He touted it as the world’s easiest and tastiest weeknight dinners. All you had to do was throw a few chicken breasts, a jar of salsa and a packet of taco seasoning into a crockpot and let it simmer for 6-8 hours.

He was right. Taco Chicken is exceptional. I’ve impressed many people with this hearty and delicious dish.

I figured Frog would love Taco Chicken so this week I planned on making some. Out of curiosity I started reading the nutritional labels on salsa. I had already planned to make my own taco seasoning blend so I could control sodium, but I was quite surprised that most jars of salsa in the store also had a ton of sodium. Something to the tune of 95mg per 2 tablespoons. At 32 tablespoons a jar, that is a lot of sodium.

Fresh is better anyway. Not always easiest or fastest. This meal is fairly simple and easy to throw together but it is a process. However, it is one of those recipes you can tackle in chunks as you are doing other things.

First, I started by making the salsa. I roughly chopped up 6 tomatoes, a bell pepper (I only had red, typically I would use green), an onion, and a handful of cilantro. Throw it all into the blender or food processor.

I have a Ninja Mega Kitchen System . This would be a great time to tell you how awesome the Ninja performs. I just needed to pulse the mix a few times for perfectly blended yet chunky plain salsa.

Next I placed 3 lbs of chicken in our Instant Pot and covered it with 2 cups of salsa. I added the spice blend to the pot closed the lid and let it cook on high pressure for an hour. You can also use a slow cooker which would take about 6 hours.

Once it was done, I shredded the chicken and pulled some out for Frog.

To the remaining salsa chicken, I added a can of green chilis, a 15.5 oz can of Great Northern Beans and a bag of frozen organic chicken. I also added some salt, pepper and more chili spice to pot. I put the lid on and cooked on high pressure for 30 mins.

Once done, I added cashew cream to give it some heartiness. I was skeptical about whether this idea would work. I was pleasantly surprised! Dairy-free comfort food that didn’t make me sad…it’s a win!!

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