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What We are loving at 8 Months Old

Our little Frog is really moving around now! He cannot quite crawl properly but he’s mastered the army shuffle. With a little motivation, he can get himself across the room. And by motivation I mean when we leave something on the floor he’s not supposed to have in his mouth or slobbery hands.

Yes, we call our son Frog. He received the nickname as a newborn. He loved sleeping on my chest with his legs bowed out like a frog. Since then he’s really adapted to the nickname. Around 5 months he started using his Fisher Price Jumperoo and within a week learned how to jump, and I mean JUMP like a mad man. He also pees….constantly. Plus the nickname is just cute. Pro Tip: If you have an adorable nickname for your little buckaroo, around 5 months of age you may want to start calling him or her their real name so they don’t actually think their name is Squishy Face.

So what are Frog’s favorites this month?


1. Night Light

We actually bought this for him for Christmas when he was 2 months old. He didn’t really play with any toys at this age but he loved ceiling fans. So, we thought this would provide him with entertainment. Now that he’s older, we’ve incorporated it into his night time routine. Before I lay him down to go to bed, I cuddle with him in the rocking chair and watch the lights on the ceiling. After 5-10 minutes, I lay him in his crib and he watches the lights while he rolls around for a few minutes. The lights give him something to focus on and relax so that he can fall asleep. We take the dome off the light which creates more of a laser show effect.

2. Dr. Bronner’s Baby Soap

We are a Dr. Bronner’s family. Oddly enough though, when I was pregnant I could not use the adult soap because it would make me too tingly and cold. We also have the peppermint bar soap for the boat. I was very excited to see they made a baby version of the soap. I worry unnecessarily about everything that could go into Frog’s mouth so I love that this soap has only a few ingredients. He also has sensitive skin so fewer ingredients means less irritation. This time around I ordered the unscented version but next time I’d like to try lavender.

3. Stacking Rings

I read that babies around this age love stacking toys so when I saw these on Amazon for $5 I added them to my already overstuffed cart. Frog took to these immediately. As soon as they are stacked nicely he grabs them and unravels the tower. He does try to stack the rings back on to the pole so I do think he’s learning a skill. He also loves chewing on the yellow center pole…and each of the rings. And when we dare stack the rings out of order, his OCD goes into overdrive.

4. Baby Trucker Hat

Living in Florida sun protection is an absolute must. Plus Frog is obsessed with his dad’s hats. He’s all “dada, dadda, dadda!” then once he goes over to him, boom he snatches his hat off his head. So dad found this really cool baby trucker hat for Frog. It’s one of the only hats we have been able to keep on his noggin. Bonus: He loves gnawing on the bill of the hat. It’s literally probably his favorite teething aid.

Note: I did not receive payment for my opinion. I purchased all of the products discussed in this post because I believe in the quality and manufacture of the item.

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