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Ureaplasma: My Pregnancy Story

**I am not a doctor or a medical professional. Please speak to your doctor and follow his or her instructions if you have tested positive for ureaplasma or suspect you may have it.**

This isn’t dairy-free related, but I wanted to share this story in case any women out there recently get diagnosed with ureaplasma and are freaking the f out.

When I was about 15 weeks pregnant something very scary happened. I started spotting. I immediately called my OBGYN. She had me come in immediately so they could do an ultrasound on the baby. He was moving around like normal. I was relieved.

My OB wanted to run a few tests on me to see if she could figure out what was causing the spotting. A few days later, I received a voicemail first thing in the morning. When I called her back she told me that one of the tests they ran on me showed that I was positive for ureaplasma and that I needed to start antibotics ASAP.

She explained that the antibotics they usually treat this condition with are harmful for pregnant women so she was going to put me on a lighter antibiotic. She also said my partner needed to get tested and start antibotics immediately. She re-assured me that everything was going to be ok, but that it was important I get treatment started stat.

So of course I immediately consulted Dr. Google. I spent hours that day pouring over internet posts about women who also tested positive for ureaplasma. I could not find a single hopeful post. All the women who shared their experience had late-term miscarriages or baby’s born with severe birth defects.

I was devastated.

I am fortunate to have a partner who loves science way more than I do. He re-assured me that it would be ok. He had done some research and there was no science-based studies that linked ureaplasma to pregnancy problems. He reminded me of the saying “correlation does not equal causation.” And about 70% of the population is walking around with no idea that they have ureaplasma.

I began my antibotics as instructed. At my next doctor’s appointment a few week later they tested me again. The treatment hadn’t cleared the ureaplasma up. The doctor told me we could do another round but sometimes no amount of treatment will help and that after some time you just have to trust that it would be ok since I am not showing any adverse symptoms from having it. That was the last round of antibotics I took. My OB did not test me again for ureaplasma so I am not sure if it ever cleared up or not.

I couldn’t help myself. From time to time I would Google it. I found maybe two posts from women who said their doctor’s weren’t worried about it and they went on to have normal pregnancies. 90% of the posts I read were negative though.

Again, my partner reminded me, “If it was harmful, they would be testing all women at the beginning of pregnancy.”

So each week, I tried to remain positive. I would breathe a huge sign of relief when I had my appointments and the doctor announced he had a good, strong heart beat.

Guess what happened next?

The day before my due date I started having contractions. Around 10 pm, I started bleeding, which I had read could be normal but still freaked me out. I called the after-hours line for my OB and talked to one of the midwives at the practice. She assured me everything was going to be ok and to go take a hot bath and relax. Once my contractions were three minutes a part I could head to the hospital.

The next day, my due date, we arrived at the hospital just before 7 am. They hooked me up to a heart monitor which showed the baby still had a nice strong heartbeat. I won’t bore you with details about the next few hours, but after 22 hours of laboring, my midwife announced it was time to start pushing.

Just before 5 pm on his due date, my sweet son was born. The first exam showed he was healthy. He took to breastfeeding like a champ. Relief.

We stayed in the hospital for two days. Every test they ran showed he was healthy and thriving.

We took him to his first pediatrician visit the day after we were released from the hospital. She said he was healthy.

Two weeks after delivery he had another appointment with the pediatrician. He was still healthy and had surpassed his birth weight!

One month, two months, four months, six months, nine months…He was still healthy.

Today is 10.5 months old. He is hitting every one of his milestones. He’s happy and healthy. There are absolutely no indications that the ureaplasma affected him in any way.

I promised that if my son was born healthy and remained healthy I would share my story so that I could hopefully help ease the mind of other soon-to-be-moms out there that might get this scary news.

There is no promise that bad things won’t happen, but there is also no guarantee that bad things will happen. Trust your doctor and remain positive.


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