Sh*t I Googled This Week

Hi, my name is Liz and I’m a worry wart. Actually, it’s more than that. If something is off and I don’t know why I like to know the answer and so I research. I thought my worrying was bad when I just had a fur baby. Ha, then I had a real baby.

I actually came up with this idea when Frog was a newborn and I wish I had saved some of the questions I Googled in the early days. Especially the searches that occurred at all hours of the night while nursing my hungry-around-the-clock infant.

Thankfully he continues to make me scratch my head.

Is it OK if my baby eats a banana peel?

I should probably start off by saying that I have no proof that he actually ate any peel and I’m about 99% sure he didn’t. He may have licked it though. I gave him half of an overly ripe banana to learn to take bites from. I took a picture of my adorable little guy as he gnawed on the banana corn on the cob style. Then a few days later as I was looking at the picture it hit me – is the peel in his mouth?? Is that OK??? Isn’t it toxic?? OMG do I need to go to the hospital??

Turns out, banana peels are not toxic. And a lot of other babies have eaten peels according to all of the online forums.

What do birds feed their babies?

This one was brought to you by our night time story, “Are You My Mother?” SPOILER ALERT – Do not read on if you haven’t read this one yet! For those you interested, here is a video of the story:

Ok so let’s dissect now. The premise is that this mother bird is sitting on her egg waiting for it to hatch. And then it occurs to her that she needs to get food before he is born. She leaves to go find food. While she is gone, her bird hatches and leaves the nest in search of his mother. The baby bird wonders around asking various animals if they are his mother. Wait, huh? He was just born….how can he walk and talk already? Well then he sees an excavator tractor. The excavator scoops him up and places him in the tree. Ok, wait, why wouldn’t the operator just get out and pick him up and take him to the local animal hospital? And how did he manage to get him in the scoop? It just seems like if this was real life then it would be bye-bye birdy if he attempted to scoop him up like that. And also does anyone know why the excavator starts snorting? I’ve never heard one even make that noise. Anywho, the mother bird returns and the baby knows it’s his mother. So I was curious what birds fed their babies since she had to leave to forage. To be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure if birds had nipples or not. Because my first inclination was that I just assume all animals had some way to feed their babies as soon as they are born. The fact that she went out and had to get her newborn some worms and insects. Man, I hope this mom isn’t in any Facebook groups because she will be eaten alive for feeding solids under 6 months old.

There you have it. The mind of this week’s crazy which was pretty tame!

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