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My Wonderfully Beautiful 11-Month-Old Boy

If only we could all see the world through an 11-month-old’s eyes. He loves without hesitation. He laughs every chance he gets. “Mondays” don’t exist to him, every day is a new opportunity for him to learn something new and genuinely live his little life to the fullest.

I wish I could freeze time and let him be 11-months-old for a little longer than a month.

Maybe I am just selfishly worried about him turning a year older, knowing that as every day passes he is learning more independence and that means that someday he won’t need me anymore for anything.

But right now he still does need me and I have been soaking it in.

It’s his last month as my baby. Every day he inches closer to being a smart, wonderfully adventurous little boy. I’m truly excited for his next stage. He will soon be walking, learning more words and before you know it, he won’t need me to rock with him before bedtime.

Tonight, though, I know he will need me to sit with him to help him relax. He will put his little head on my shoulder. The little head that has worked hard all day trying to figure out his balance, how to hide blocks around the house, and the most efficient way for him to get into as much as possible in the least amount of time.

That’s the hardest part of having an 11-month-old. While they are awake you cannot take your eyes off of them for a second. They are into everything and it is easy to become exhausted. Soon, though, this phase will pass and I know I will miss it. I will miss my curious little boy exploring around the house laughing as I chase behind him.

The look he has on his face every time I pick him up and pull him off the fireplace, out of the kitchen or away from the stairs. That look of pure happiness that gets because he thinks we are “playing a game”…that looks stops times. That look takes away any frustrations, any tiredness and desire for him to just understand that I don’t want him to do something because he can end up hurt. That look reminds me that he still needs me to help him stay safe.

His little head holds a growing brain and I know it is exhausting to be 11-months-old. So as long as I can, I will rock my baby boy and talk to him about his day and how proud I am of how much he is learning now. In two weeks he will be a year old, but that is just a number. Today I am going to enjoy this precious sweet boy that was brought into my life to remind me to see the world just as he does.


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