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Making Time to Work Out

Those extra 500 calories they say you burn breastfeeding are amazing y’all. Appreciate them when you can because it takes a lot to burn that much!

I have recently become re-motivated to work out. It really does make me feel better and gives me a burst of energy. Plus it’s important as a new mom to stay healthy, to make some “me time” and to stay strong because carrying 25 lbs around is no joke. Also, staying home with a little boy requires a lot of agility. He’s into everything and he moves fast.

We don’t have a gym near us and quite frankly I hate the gym. So, I’ve started to get creative with my workouts. I love short bursts of exercise.

Aside from convenience, there are numerous benefits to circuit training. You get your heart rate up quickly and are able to get a full body workout in.

I call this my Stay-at-Home-Mom Circuit. My goal is to this circuit five times a day. If I don’t get any other exercise in, I at least did these simple exercises which can be accomplished in my living room while playing with Frog.

Another Circuit I developed and plan to do at least three to four times a week is a full body work out. There are two separate circuits, each circuit consists of four exercises that you do three times. Each exercise lasts for 30 seconds with no break between each one. At the end of a round you take a 30 second break. At the end of the circuit you can take a minute break. It takes about 15 mins to get through both circuits. This is also helpful because when I’m feeling lazy I can convince myself that I can do anything for a minute which turns into 15 mins in no time.

We also have a Versa Climber. Five minutes on that machine will leave you sweating. It’s amazing how fast five minutes flies when you are browsing Pinterest and how slow it moves when you are faux, stationary mountain climbing. I want to try to do the Versa Climber at least three times a week.

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