A lot has happened since my last post. I honestly didn’t mean to take a break, but the hiatus allowed me to re-group and re-focus. So let’s try this again. Welcome to my blog – Yoga Pants Mama.

My little guy, who I affectionately call Frog (not his real name) is now 17 months old. He’s developed quite a personality. Each day I am reminded he is no longer a baby, but now a little boy. Although he challenges me every day, this phase is so much fun.

He’s also outgrown his dairy intolerance. Yay! The dairy-free breastfeeding journey was hard, but so worth it. I learned so much and want to continue to share my knowledge in that area so I will still blog about going dairy free. Plus, 90% of the time, I still do not eat dairy. We have adapted a Paleo lifestyle for six days out of the week allowing for one cheat day.

Frog is also weaned. My goal was to breastfeed for a year. From there, I wanted to let him decide when to stop. Three weeks ago, I knew he was ready. I miss the bond of breastfeeding, but we have other things now. He gives the best kisses and tells the best jokes. We still get some snuggle time in each night before bed. I’m not sure that I’ll handle the day he no longer wants to snuggle with me as well as when he weaned.

As for us, we’re looking to move this year. I’m excited to get back into DIYing and will be sharing some of those projects here.

My other big goal this year, which will be a theme on this blog – Taking more time for me.  I absolutely love being a mom. The job never quits though. No matter what I’m doing or where I am, I am thinking/worrying about Frog. I need to start unplugging a little and taking care of myself whether that’s actually going to a Yoga class or making time to write more.

I am excited to re-introduce myself and my little project – Yoga Pants Mama.

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