Friday Five | No. 1

Happy Fri-yay! For a few years now I’ve seen my BFF over at Current Confidential do a Friday Five post and I’ve always loved the idea. So here we go….My first ever Friday Five:

 No. 1 | Farmhouse Gut Shots

Y’all. I am literally obsessed with this stuff. I bought it on a whim because I was intrigued by pickle tasting probiotics. I took one shot and immediately wanted more. It’s so good. I’ve tried the Kimchi variety as well. It’s not as good as the garlic pickle flavor. They also make Chips. Those chips lasted approximately 10 minutes from the time they hit the counter. So. So. Good. I try to take at least one probiotic shot a day and two if I remember. Bottoms up!

No. 2 | American Idol

Image result for american idol kelly clarkson
This hairdo was everything in 2002 y’all.

Confession: After Kelly Clarkson won Idol in 2002, I immediately went and got chunky highlights. As a redhead with thick bleach blonde streaks, I never looked quite as cool as her and I definitely don’t sound as good singing in my car as I’m sure she does. Through the years I’ve religiously watched some of the seasons of AI but not all. I usually can watch the first five episodes and figure out if I am invested enough or not. I’m hoping this is a good year. I’m not sure about the judges (looking at you Katy Perry)…other than Luke Bryan because how can you not adore him? BONUS: Not at all related to American Idol but here are some Luke Bryan falling  off stage videos if you need a laugh.

No. 3 | LARABAR Cinnamon Roll

Dates. Walnuts. Almonds. Raisins. Cinnamon. Sea Salt. No way this is going to taste like a Cinnamon Roll, but it does! I mean it’s no Cinnabon. I like it. Frog likes it. PS I now cannot eat a Larabar in peace, the kid goes nuts when he sees me get one and wants to go halfsies. These are a limited edition flavor so I highly recommend running to try them.

 No. 4 | Converse Shoreline Sneakers

Image result for oyster grey converse shoreline

Last summer we were perusing the local Nordstrom Rack when I came across these shoes. I liked them but wasn’t sure about the price tag ($45). I figured I’d do some online searching and could probably score them cheaper. I was wrong. I’ve spent nearly a year looking. Finally, I broke down and got ’em and am very happy I did!

No. 5 | Girl’s Night Out

I’m meeting two of my best girlfriends for dinner tonight at the Acropolis. I haven’t seen one of them in nearly a year and the other one it’s been about six months. I’m very excited about getting some girl time in. Board Shorts Dad and Frog are staying in and eating Mac and Cheese, they are equally excited about Boys Night In.

1 thought on “Friday Five | No. 1

  1. Woot Woot! Congrats on your first official Friday Five! I giggled at the Kelly Clarkson hair inspo of the early 2000’s. I KNOW that I got a hair cut/color based off of this look. LOL!

    Have fun at girls night!

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