Cuban Pork Roast
gluten & dairy-free

I found myself in possession of a large bag of cutie oranges. My 13-month-old son can literally eat a pound of berries, pears, plums, peaches, mangoes, pineapple – you name a fruit and he will devour it.

I hadn’t given him any citrus though. No real reason other than I wasn’t sure how to serve it to him when he was younger. So on a whim I decided to buy cuties thinking he would LOVE them just as much as he does virtually every other fruit.

Such as life with a toddler, I was WRONG. He promptly flicked it off his tray and turned his nose up in disgust. Two minutes later he inhaled 5 strawberries.

So when our Butcher Box (I am not a paid affiliate of the company) arrived this month with a pork roast, a light went off in my head.

Sure cuties are a tad different than the sour orange typically used in Mojo marinade, but they can’t be that different right? RIGHT! This dish turned out excellent. Definitely not your traditional Cuban Pork Roast but if you find yourself in possession of a ton of cuties, you should try it!

For sides I made plantains and this surprisingly delicious kale and black beans from Publix Aprons.

From my research, the key to pork roast is the marinade. Ideally you should let it sit overnight or at least 6 hours.

Prior to cooking you should take the roast out of the refrigerator so that it can warm to room temperature.

Set your oven to 425° and cook the roast alone and uncovered for 30 mins. I put some olive oil on the bottom of the dutch oven to (try) to prevent sticking.

Meanwhile I blended the marinade so that I could baste the roast through the remainder of the process. After 30 minutes, lower the oven temperature to 350°. Slather some of the blended marinade on the roast and flip it over and cover the dutch oven. Bake for 45 mins and repeat.

You need to let the roast cool before serving. Give it at least 10-15 mins!

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