Blueberry Banana Baby Pancakes {{Dairy-Free}}

A few days ago I posted my go-to breakfast so now it’s time to talk about Frog’s go-to breakfast: pancakes! He absolutely LOVES his pancakes. They are super easy to make and healthy. You can also do different variations. Today we did banana and blueberry but these also work with sweet potato in place of banana. And of course you can switch the fruit for whatever your little one likes!

First, mash a ripe banana. Add washed and dried blueberries, mash them in as well.

Then you add an egg and a dash of cinnamon (optional – depending on if your little one likes it and can tolerate it). Next add a tablespoon of baby cereal. We use Earth’s Best Wholegrain Oatmeal.

Heat up some coconut oil (or oil of your choice) in a pan. Drop in some batter and fry each side to golden brown (2-3 mins). I’ve found that after frying the first one I need to turn the heat down to medium.

Frying pancakes

Place each pancake on a plate with two paper towels to cool. If you are extra nutty like me, you can pop them in the microwave for a minute or two to ensure the egg cooked all the way through!

Serve them however your little one is comfortable eating. For us, our 9.5 month old enjoys raking bite size pieces in his mouth! On average these make 3-4 pancakes. As you can see not all mine turn out to be pretty perfect pancakes, but they are delicious nonetheless (I may or may not sample 1/3 of them each time I make them!)


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