An Open Letter to My Yoga Pants

Dear Yoga Pants,

I cannot thank you enough for the contributions you have made in my life. You are literally the most versatile piece of clothing I own. I can dress you up, I can dress you down. I can run a mile in you, but let’s be honest I’ll probably just run to the grocery store in you and then eat a pint of ice cream on the couch with you. But you don’t care. You never judge me Yoga Pants.

When my son is inches away from toppling over the entire entertainment center, you give me the flexibility to lunge forward and save the day. And if I ever decided to do CrossFit, well I bet you’d be there for me too.

Although the black variety are my favorites, you are versatile and come in all different colors and sizes. Capris for hot days and bootleg for cool evening nights. Friends on their way over? Let’s go get ready Yoga Pants! Spending the weekend at the beach with family? Better pack all the Yoga Pants!

And as each day comes to a close and it’s time to retire a pair, I cannot help but get excited. For the time has come for a fresh pair of Yoga Pants to drift off to sleep in because nothing is more comfortable than my beloved Yoga Pants.

With love,




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