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5 Grab & Go Dairy-Free Sweet Treats

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Aside from helping your little one feel better, I do think that eliminating dairy from your diet helps lead you towards a healthier lifestyle. But let’s face it, the 80/20 rule is in place so you can have a little fun every once in awhile! Here are some ideas for easy, grab and go dairy-free sweet treats!

1. Coconut Chocolate Chip Larbar

I believe that all Larabars are actually dairy free. I enjoy most of the varieties they make, but they taste like healthy snack bars. The exception is the Coconut Chocolate Chip Larabar. It is divine! The taste is similar to a chocolate truffle.

 2. Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

How would have thunk. Oreos – the regular and golden varieties – are dairy free! Unfortunately they are not soy free. If you are just eliminating cow juice though, enjoy these sweet treats with your favorite dairy-free milk. Personally, I would recommend coconut milk.

 3. Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies

A childhood favorite of many, these peanut butter packed cookie sandwiches do not contain any cow’s milk! They do contain soy though. Now the question is do you eat the whole sandwich or do you eat it deconstructed? Personally I always choose the latter.

 4. Teddy Grahams Crackers

These lovable little dancing bears can shimmy right into your mouth and you won’t have to worry about any milk protein! All varieties of these cookie crackers are dairy free! (Do note though that Teddy Soft Bakes are not free of dairy).

 5. Haribo Gold-Bears

There are a variety of questionable ingredients in gummy bears but not one of them have dairy in it! So chew away!


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