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5 Dairy & Soy-Free Salty Snacks for On the Go

Although I like to say that cutting dairy and soy out of my diet has encouraged me to eat healthier, I admit that I still have cravings for salty snacks. Fresh fruit and raw veggies are always great options for easy snacks…buuut if you are perusing the chip aisle, rest assured you do have some options that comply with your diet!

These items can also all be found at regular grocery stores. I love Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, but they aren’t always the most convenient.

  1. Pop Corners Carnival Kettle Chips

I loved these before going dairy and soy free. Actually, I was obsessed with these chips. I could literally eat an entire bag within a few hours, they are that good! What’s great about them is that they are a nice mix of salty and sweet.

2. Fritos

Surprisingly these chips only have three ingredients: corn, corn oil and salt. Snack on! Or pair these with chili for a yummy meal!

3. Doritos Salsa Verde Tortilla Chips

I mean, they are no classic nacho flavor but at least they are flavored! You’ll find that many plain tortilla chips are dairy and soy free (watch for soybean oil). These are a great option when you are craving chips and salsa on the go!

4. Pork Rinds

Did you know that a one ounce serving of pork rinds contain 0 carbs and 17 g of protein? In fact many paleo diets recommend these as a go to snack. Just make sure you check the label of any flavored varieties as these may contain soy ingredients.

5. Lay’s Chips

The barbecue, classic, dill pickle and the kettle cooked lattice cut are all free of dairy and soy!

Hopefully these options help make your road trips a little easier. I would love to hear what your favorite salty, dairy and soy-free snacks are on the go!

7 thoughts on “5 Dairy & Soy-Free Salty Snacks for On the Go

  1. I went through this a couple of years ago when I had to cut both for breastfeeding. I’m eating soy now but still no dairy. I’ve added a lot more nuts into my diet. They’re healthy and great for snacking. I’ll have to check out those kettle chips.

  2. Thanks for a “real” post for “real” people who are trying to eat healthy while cutting out certain ingredients. Everyone needs a “real” snack every once in a while!

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